These days, everyone is busy and the to-do list often feels like it never ends. Because of that, it's tempting to cut corners. For instance, maybe you can skip the oil change this time around. It shouldn't hurt anything, right?

Wrong! There are too many good reasons to get regular oil changes to blow them off. If you want your vehicle to last long and run efficiently, keep these benefits in mind as motivation.

A Clean Engine

Oil is the thing that lubricates your vehicle's engine and its parts, and is absolutely necessary for a functional vehicle. However, as the oil works, it also collects debris. The oil filter helps to keep some of this out, but over time-at around every 5,000 miles or so-the oil gets too dirty to work well and requires changing. 

Better Performance

Since your engine is healthier, it's going to perform better. As long as you're giving your engine fresh, clean oil when it needs it, it's going to kick out the most power.

Better Fuel Efficiency

If your engine is trying to use dirty oil to lubricate its many parts, it's going to have a harder time doing so than with clean oil. The harder your engine has to work, the worse fuel economy it will get. Regular oil changes help your engine to make the most out of each tank of gas.

A Healthy Engine

When you change your oil consistently, your engine stays cleaner, so it only makes sense that the engine would last longer as well. Getting an oil change regularly will make your engine, and therefore your vehicle, live longer. 

Less Emissions

The cleaner the oil in your engine, the better it is at absorbing engine particles and debris. The more it absorbs the engine particles, the less exhaust the engine will give off. Getting your regular oil change means doing your part to keep the air cleaner.

If you need to get an oil change (or any other service), come visit us at Flagler CDJR, and we will make sure your vehicle stays running the best it can. Any brand is welcome!

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