Tire care should be discussed just as often as things like oil changes or windshield wiper replacements. It is highly important due to the tires’ role in a vehicle's operation. Safe vehicle movement depends on having carefully maintained and well-performing tires. Here are some ways you can monitor not only inflation but also tread depth.

A gauge will help you monitor inflation. Pay attention to the pressure reading it gives you because this is what you compare to the pressure suggestion that is written in your automobile’s owner’s manual. If these numbers are not matching, then your risk of experiencing a scary blowout or a frustrating flat tire is increased.

Rotations are highly beneficial to Palm Coast, FL vehicle owners as well. Like pressure, your car’s manufacturer will provide rotation recommendations too. This process can increase the balance that your tires provide. To schedule a tire rotation, speak to Flagler Chrysler Dodge Jeep Inc’s staff.

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